Chef s Specialties

w. White Rice
123. Four Seasons 9.99
124. General Tso's Bean Curd 8.99
125. Happy Family
An exotic combination of shrimp, beef, chicken, pork, baby corn, mushroom, snow peas and mixed vegs.
126. Seafood Delight
Fresh shrimp, scallop, lobster tail and vegs.
127. Tung Ting Shrimp
Fresh shrimp, marinated w. broccoli, mushroom, bamboo shoots, baby corn in white sauce
128. Shredded Pork w. Peking Sauce 8.99
129. Pork w. Scallion
Tenderloin pork sauteed w. fresh scallion and natural sauce
130. Sesame Shrimp 9.99
131. Triple Delight
Shredded chicken, shrimp, beef sauteed w.chef's special sauce w. scallions
132. Hot and Spicy Two Taste Shrimp and Chicken 10.99
134. Sesame Bean Curd 8.99
135. Orange Bean Curd 8.99
136. Home Style Bean Curd 7.99